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Doug Anderson
Beverage Director

Brandon McDermott
Executive Chef

James Wise
Chef de Cuisine

Marcus Anderson

Mark Bailey

Sheryl May

The legend of captain gregory

Legend tells of a man, who sometime in the mid-19th century, left his mark on American culinary history. Few know him by name, but there is not a soul alive who has not been impacted by his discovery one fateful day. 

Tossed about by the waves, struggling to keep control of his vessel, but in dire need of sustenance to harden his resolve against the squall bearing down on him, this man had only the provisions his mother had packed him and no free hand with which to hold them. 

In desperation he speared his doughy dinner on the spoke of his ship's wheel, and it that moment he forever changed the world. The doughnut, available in various forms for more than a century, had now evolved into the shape we know and love today. 

The man at the helm that day is the man to whom this establishment pays homage. 

Raise a glass to Captain Gregory!


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